Thursday, July 5, 2012

Store Closing

I figured this would be the easiest/best place to give all of our friends an explanation on the store closing.  So here ya go...

Store closing:

After nearly 12 years for us and nearly 30 years of there being a Christian bookstore in this location (previously The Shepherd's Place), we will be closing our doors.  During these years, we've made lifelong friendships with some of Walker County's best people, something we cherish deeply.  We've had experiences where people would walk in off the street saying that something drew them here ... seen a number of decisions for Christ right here in the store ... saw a marriage restored by God, using the store as a catalyst.  Those are the experiences we will take with us... These are also the experiences that have made this decision excruciating.  This store has never simply been "a business", it has always been a ministry.

We've decided to close simply because in today's Amazon/iTunes climate, we simply can't convince enough people/churches to support local business.  The past couple of years have been a constant struggle and it is time to move on.  Starting soon, we will have store wide sales to move out the remaining inventory.  Right now we expect to be out by the end of September, but it could be sooner than that.

Thanks for the support over the past 12 years ... we love you all.

Jim Odom

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